This week marks the hallway point in this adventure of pregnancy. The old adage of the glass half full versus half empty seems to adequately apply. However, as my belly begins to grow more rapidly it seems as though the continued nausea and relentless sleepiness tend to lend more towards the thought of a baby coming.

I said multiple times when I was carrying Charlie that the nine month period of time was just as necessary for the expecting parents to grow with the thought of this unimaginably life-changing development. But for the second child, I don’t feel the same anxiousness and, at times, helplessness that the first pregnancy left me feeling with regularity. I am confidant, to an extent, in my ability to parent now. At least to the point where I don’t feel as though I’m going to “break” the new addition to the family. So far this pregnancy has left me so focused on how to manage my constantly dissatisfied stomach and distracted from the whole reason it’s taking place.

In twenty weeks, or less, we will be a family of four. Four! I’m going to work hard at making this a glass half full picture for the next twenty weeks. Any help or encouragement in this effort is greatly appreciated! I’m going to need it!