Annie FreyIt’s so nice to meet you!

I suppose the best way to introduce myself is to share the things that define me. I’m a Christian, which is an admission of being a sinner. That may seem a strange place to start, but so far in life, I’ve discovered that when I start other places, life has a funny way of snapping me right back in line to recalibrate my priorities. I’m a mother to two, a wife, and a friend. I work full-time at a radio station in St. Louis, and I work about as many hours for a business I started, Bear Fruit Design LLC, doing website and graphic design for small businesses and non-profits.

Yes, I’m busy, but I bet you are, too. I don’t write this blog to tell you how to feel. I write it to tell you how I feel. I go in waves of posting ridiculously adorable photos of my kids (bias acknowledged) and weighing in on the latest political issue that you may not be talking about, but I know you’re thinking about. No, politics isn’t always the comfortable subject, but it’s an important one. If not to simply be informed of why either side of the aisle holds the beliefs that they do. Anyone who would dare discount another’s right to hold their an opinion should surrender their own rights as well.

As for the cute kids, Charlie is 5 and Jensen is 3. Of all of the things I am responsible for in a day, they are my utmost favorite. They make all of the ancillary responsibilities worth it.

So please, enjoy the blog. Feel free to support or dissent on any opinion and respectfully present a counter argument. I welcome the discourse! I’m gracious that you made it to my little corner of this very big webosphere.

Happy Reading!

Annie Frey