To Branson and Back

A three day vacation in Branson, MO with your grandparents was a delight for the both of you. I’m pretty sure that we could have gone anywhere and, given the fact you’d be hanging out with way-cooler-than-mom-and-dad grandparents, and you would both be satisfied.

You played putt-putt. You rode the Ducks. Charlie, you drove the Ducks (under a bridge, twice!). We ate out. We ate ice cream. You rode a roller coaster, a boat with laser guns, a boat with water guns, a pirate boat, a train with bandits, milked a fake cow, and fell asleep within five minutes of buckling up in the car.

When I tell you both, “I love you to the moon and back” your affectionate response is, “I love you to Branson and back!”

I completely understand the sentiment.