J and I managed to knock out about 85% of our Christmas shopping back in August during our mini family vaca to Cincinnati. Tonight we picked up a few extra items at the store, including all the trimmings for decorating our gifts. I’ve never really pursued heavily my crafty side, but I always enjoy making presents look pretty.

Charlie was diggin’ on Woody from Toy Story 3, although that toy was about 4 or 5 years out of his league. Either way, I love watching him take in his surroundings, react, and communicate. This little baby is rapidly morphing into a little person right in front of my eyes.

So much to come, but so much to love and enjoy in the here and now.

PS – this photo is on a Friday evening after a long day at work, a chiropractor appointment, only one small meal consisting of a nutrition bar, and a day old workout that leaves me craving Icy Hot. Don’t judge!

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