It’s not always easy, but it’s important

Sunday mornings are tough. Pillows are so comfortable, trust me, I know. But pulling ourselves out of bed and getting into the church pew, or the balcony, is of utmost importance. Some mornings we’ll be late. Okay, most mornings. And some mornings your hair will be a mess. Or dad will be wearing a semi-wrinkled shirt. Or I will be doing my hair and make-up in a frenzy in the car visor mirror up to the last second.

These are all things that don’t matter to God. Certainly not to the extent that he’d rather you not join him in his presence in worship as a result. We will do our best. And many times, our best won’t be good enough. But that’s just it. Our best is never good enough. And that is why we go to church…with the wrinkles, the messy hair, and the graciousness and humility of forgiveness.