John, Lauri, Claire, Calvin, Callie, and Carter –

We’re just singing, singing over you. Come and lay your troubles down. Cuz love is breaking through.

This broken world has left its pieces on your doorstep. Our hearts ache for your heartache. Words are hard to come by, but love and support are hard to contain. Your beautiful family is constantly present in our minds, in our hearts, and in our prayers.

I sat and watched the sunset during my bike ride this evening. I noticed how beautiful the earth was just before the sun went down. And how long after the sun disappeared, the beauty remained. As the earth grew backlit from its vanishing lightsource, it became an outline of itself, it was darkened in the shadows.

Without the light of the sun, darkness overcame.

I thought of Connor. And I thought of his Light.

And I know that tomorrow, the sun will rise in the east and all the earth will be lit once again and its beauty will be present as much as it ever was. One day stronger.

Without the light of the Son, darkness overcomes.

We know that we will see the Son again. While the night may seem long, we still have confidence. We have resolve. We will share Connor’s Light alongside of you. And we will hold you up.

Keep singing.