Jarrod and I have been married for over six years now. For the few decades that I’ve been on this planet, and the handful of years that I’ve spent with a copilot, I’ve learned that the quickest way to ensure that things will not go according to plan is to make the plan in the first place. I’m the type of person that wants goals, measurable achievements, that I can strive for in one way or another.

I’ve made so many plans.

I’ve had so many great ideas. Or so I thought.

And yet, here I am, in a place in my life that I never would have thought I would be 2, 5, 10 years ago. And it’s great.

And where I hope to be in the future may not be anywhere close to where I will arrive. And it will be great.

Learning to trust in God’s plan for myself and for my family takes so much faith. So much willingness to, as they say, let go and let God. 

And what a timely piece to remind us that this is a struggle we all face.

Surrender all.