This is the day your momma decided to try her hand at hanging wallpaper in the breezeway laundry room. This is also the day both of you decided to sporadically run fevers and vomit, only to be followed by the pressing desire to play and eat. You’re goofballs like that.

As a parent, it’s frightening to reload the child you are not confident is over whatever bug it is causing these issues. Of course, you follow the B.R.A.T. diet and scrounge through the kitchen to find any foods that begin with a b, r, a, or t. Or, is it that I should be feeding you brats? Something like that. Regardless, I feel like I’m loading a a Jack-in-the-Box that will be popping back up in my face when I least expect it.

We quit for the night on the wallpaper at 1:45am. We used to close down bars at that time. It took much longer than anticipated since we were going between sick kiddos and gooey wallpaper. Now your mother’s back is practically fused straight and your father has been missing bed for a good three hours. Eight ibuprofen were consumed between the two of us. Times have changed.

We love you both dearly. Please remember that when your tummies turn. That means head to the bathroom, rather than my bedside. Trust me, it’s better for everyone to make your presence known from the bathroom, rather than at your parents beside, and ending up being too late. I promise to meet you there!

Here’s hoping you both feel better soon. We hate it when you’re so uncomfortable and your mother is a worrier. Until then, snuggles abound.