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Show Up at the Polls Next Tuesday

Elections are like a different reality for people who don’t particularly care about politics or who don’t particularly care for politicians. Your phone, your email, your Facebook feeds, everywhere you look you’re barraged with men and women acting like bickering 6 year olds fighting over who has the better lunchbox. It’s nauseating.

It still means something.

For fear of joining the garbage mentioned above, let me provide you with a few facts.

The map above is the breakout of counties in the 2010 Illinois Governor’s election. You know the term “red state” and “blue state”? That state looks pretty darn red to me. Too bad those four counties that are blue are the ones that actually elected our governor. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Governor is elected by popular vote, not some small-form state electoral college. But to reiterate my point that YOU count in this election.

31,834 votes decided the 2010 governor’s election.

Illinois has 12,880,000 residents. That means that .24% of the population of the state determined the difference in who serves as our governor. (Read more here.)

That means .24% were the deciding factor in a “temporary” 67% tax hike for our state…which will almost certainly be made permanent right after the election whether or not Quinn is re-elected. My family cannot afford to bear the burden of a mis-managed state budget, and that tax hike moving from temporary to permanent is not my cross to bear.

Educate yourself in any way you deem appropriate, but VOTE!

You count. So go be counted!